Damn it, Maya. Just… Damn it.


Maya Hates Me: Your tool is tiny / your tool is huge

Skipping for the moment the inevitable “that’s what she said” joke, this can be a pretty annoying problem if you don’t know how to fix it.  Sometimes, your tool manipulator (that’s what it’s called.  seriously, I can’t make this stuff up) is way too big or way too small:

impress the females with your large tool

impress the females with your large tool

Aww, how cute.

Aww, how cute.

SOLUTION:  Quit leaning on the number pad
The default hotkey for changing the size of the tool manipulator is the plus and minus keys on the number pad.  If they don’t work, try looking up IncreaseManipulatorSize and DecreaseManipulatorSize in the hotkey editor.   … that’s what she said.


Maya Hates Me: The View Cube

Gather round, children!  I thought I’d start this blog off with the solution to a pretty common, but pretty annoying problem many of you might have encountered.

PROBLEM: Where the hell is that navigation thingy in the corner?

The little navigation thingy in the corner of the screen is called the “viewcube”.  In case you’ve never used it, you can click on the six faces and eight corners of the cube to see your project from different preset angles.  I don’t use it much, but some people do.

Occasionally, the view cube will up and disappear, for no particular reason.

SOLUTION: To get the view cube back, you can go to  the Preferences menu under ViewCube in 2009 and 2008.   Just click the box marked “show the ViewCube”.

In Maya 8.5, this widget is known as the “view compass” and can be found under “view – camera settings – view compass” in the panel menu. ( No, not the main menu bar, the one inside each view panel. )

I’ll post pictures as soon as I figure out how to do it with wordpress.  Oh, and if anyone wants a tutorial or help on anything, just let me know, and I’ll make a post about it if I can.

More to come!

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Welcome, One and All

This blog is a practical guide to avoiding some of the nastiest poo flung by the angry monkey that is Maya.  For those who have not yet encountered these problems, you may think that Maya is simply a 3D computer graphics program that can make some very pretty images.  YOU ARE WRONG.

In the last four years of exhaustive research, I have discovered that Maya is the spawn of Satan himself, born and bred in the fires of eternal torment.  Also, it makes very pretty images.

However, THERE IS HOPE.  Many of these “oh sh*t” moments can be avoided – others can be eliminated altogether.  In this compilation, I will stare down the Beast — and hopefully, we can all be a little happier.

I will also post some random things I find on the internet, tutorials, tools, rants and various other fun stuff.  Enjoy.

This blog is created by Ed Whetstone for the sole use of people with senses of humor, and is not endorsed by UTD, ATEC, Maya, Mental Images, or their affiliates or subsidiaries.  So there.