Damn it, Maya. Just… Damn it.


Well This is Awkward

So, a year on, and my book on pipelines has gone down the tubes, so-to-speak.

I hope to revisit the idea at some point, but since the studio where I work has moved to Houdini for a large portion of their pipeline, I really have no reason to keep investing time digging into the guts of Maya.  Maybe Houdini will provide a better platform for independent production as well — who knows?  If I get a chance to work with it for more than a few months, I just might bring up the idea of the pipeline book again.

I’ve been plenty busy in the meantime — my first credit on a feature film will premiere on Nov 1 of this year, the production of which has been a truly massive undertaking for the truly talented crew at ReelFX Creative Studios.

I’ve also started another side project, where I’m collecting a variety of material under one roof: The Kludgeworks.  Eventually I’m aiming for the site to be a full-featured educational platform for seminar-style classes on a variety of CG topics.  For now, it’s just a place for me to put some stuff that’s been gathering dust elsewhere.   This blog included.

This will be the last post on Maya Hates Me — because although she still does hate me, she can’t hurt me any more.  I’m quits with you, Maya.

From time to time, I might drop by to leave an expletive or two, but it’s goodbye for now!



Going Forward

This blog started out as a way to help out with Maya’s small annoyances and strange behaviors.  But just like that wonderfully broken car that won’t start unless you lean just so, and turn the key at just the right pressure, eventually, you get used to all the little quirks in Maya, and you stop even paying attention to them.  In some ways, you learn to love ’em, because somehow you feel better having mastered the weirdness.

So I figured I could use this space for tutorials, and workflow tips.  Of course, then I started doing tutorials professionally, and I’ve neglected this little blog ever since.

But in truth, Maya still hates me, so there’s got to be *something* of use that I can put here.

Well, I’m starting a new project that I’m pretty excited about… it’s a book about zero-pipeline pipelines for small studios and students. It’s a long-term project, and it’s outside of my purview as a professional tutorialist.  Sounds like the perfect thing for this space.