Damn it, Maya. Just… Damn it.

Well This is Awkward

So, a year on, and my book on pipelines has gone down the tubes, so-to-speak.

I hope to revisit the idea at some point, but since the studio where I work has moved to Houdini for a large portion of their pipeline, I really have no reason to keep investing time digging into the guts of Maya.  Maybe Houdini will provide a better platform for independent production as well — who knows?  If I get a chance to work with it for more than a few months, I just might bring up the idea of the pipeline book again.

I’ve been plenty busy in the meantime — my first credit on a feature film will premiere on Nov 1 of this year, the production of which has been a truly massive undertaking for the truly talented crew at ReelFX Creative Studios.

I’ve also started another side project, where I’m collecting a variety of material under one roof: The Kludgeworks.  Eventually I’m aiming for the site to be a full-featured educational platform for seminar-style classes on a variety of CG topics.  For now, it’s just a place for me to put some stuff that’s been gathering dust elsewhere.   This blog included.

This will be the last post on Maya Hates Me — because although she still does hate me, she can’t hurt me any more.  I’m quits with you, Maya.

From time to time, I might drop by to leave an expletive or two, but it’s goodbye for now!



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